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Dirty Old Ladies: The Podcast

Aug 1, 2018

In this heavily opinion-based episode the ladies discuss Love Triangles, and as usual with very opinionated subjects we emphasize: just because we don't like something doesn't mean its bad! And *any* trope or cliche can great with the right execution.

We're just mouthy old broads.

Jun 26, 2018

In this admittedly odd episode recorded back in March, the ladies talk about their experiences at one of their biggest and favorite shows of the year - Emerald City Comic Con! We tried to keep it professional, but we ended up complaining a lot... and talking way more about food than comics.

Apr 22, 2018

Interested in going to conventions to meet comic creators, peers and network with publishers? The ladies share their experiences socializing at conventions, with both advice and some calming words.

Apr 1, 2018

What is Worldbuilding? Well, we're prepared to talk about it tediously for an hour! Get ready for some pedantry and opinions.

Mar 21, 2018

The ladies discuss their inspirations and the fine line between being inspired and being derivative.